Tuesday, November 10, 2009
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Sunday, November 1, 2009
A.) The article is about a woman who talks about her journey from college up to now as a minority in a man's world of journalism. She explains that women aren't really progressing in equality as much as they should be.
B.) It really hits home when I read this because when I made this blog, I decided to have it called Dupre just because it could have gone either way for belonging to a man or a woman, I didn't want people to judge me or my writing because I was a girl. When I read this article and when she was talking about college it was almost as a mirror to society in New Richmond High School. When writer Joanne Lipmann stated, "That was something that strident, humorless, shrill women had done before us" about the woman's liberation in the 60's, I instantly thought of my College Prep class before reading "The Yellow Wallpaper". I distinctively remember all the groans when my teacher brought up the fact that it was one of the first pieces of feminist literature. After reading the short story and discussing it, comments got even uglier some even along the lines that the writer was selfish and didn't have a legitimate problem (post-partum psychosis) Not surprisingly, all of the comments came from boys in our class, and sadly none of the 6 girls in the class (including myself) said anything. Woman's rights is very taboo, it was better just to not say anything than sound like a radical fem-bot further being labeled as the cliche man-hater. The article went on to tell about when she was at a job interview before being interviewed closing the slit in her skirt to cover her knees only to have interviewer demand, "If you want the job, you’ll leave that open." I honestly had to read it over again, if I were in the same predicament I would be a wreck for the whole interview. I mean how uncomfortable would it be to hear that and just still go on with an interview like nothing insanely creepy and inappropriate just happened. And how degrading that she further had to promote herself to this man to get a job. It bummed me out to hear that at the Wall Street Journal, a largely conservative newspaper, had dubbed the authors section with females "The Valley of the Dolls." Or learning that a conservative female blogger was regarded as a " big mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it" Being Republican myself, I often feel outnumbered by stuffy, religious, old men. This article, and other issues have made me consider the Independent Party, who maybe don't juvenilely make comments about cankles or (as I have noticed) which color pantsuit Hilary Clinton had on. It is ironic, though, that without female author Toni Morrison, Mr. Keith Olbermann would have to use a different, over-used, dried up term than piece of meat.
I think journalism class should continue to produce legitimate news-stories and not fall back on maybe petty-articles that we see in popular woman's mags. I'm pretty proud of the Politics piece I did, just because I don't think it is very common to see in a school newspaper, it was something different and not common for a girl to write. "If we can change the conversation about women, the numbers will finally add up. And that’s what real progress looks like." Why not start the change with Journalism, to have women viewed in a more positive light?
C.) Some questions I have for the author is how she feels about the way woman dress today...is it helping the cause or not. It's really hard to be feminine, because I think we're all scared a bit as to how other people will perceive us and if it will hold us back especially in more "male" jobs. And also, does she see sexism in the media as I do. IE: the Twix commercial where the man offers to bring a girl back to his place. As she guffaws and sulks he quickly adds "to blog about our ideals." Her face instantly lights up, as she gullibly adds as they leave together, "What?! I love blogging." Come on now, do we have to be portrayed as total, ignorant air-heads...
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Monday, February 23, 2009
When I was younger living in St. Paul, I would always go to my neighbors house to play with her. The only glitch was when I finally arrived at her drive way I would have to descend a flight of stairs and walk past her dog, Daisy. Daisy, and don't be fooled by the sweet name, was an irish setter and always in some sort of rage. I would try to calm the terror that I experienced everytime I saw the harsh yellow Beware of Dog sign on the hand rail leading to the cement stairs but failed miserably when I reached the first step. In fact, sometimes I would have to skip all the steps together and go around to the back of the house to go inside. I never was afraid of anyother dogs except that one. Looking back on it now I'm ashamed that I was such a prima donna about passing an old mutt. With the recent passing of Daisy I more than anything feel bad for the dog that seemed to be in it's cage all day. Maybe Daisy 2 will have it a little bit easier, not having to deal with skittish little girls.
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